Tabletop Vaporizers

Vaporizers are personal heating devices that allow you to experience the balancing benefits of CBD by inhaling clouds of CBD-filled vapor.


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About Tabletop Vaporizers

Iconic to the vaping world, tabletop vaporizers use convection and conduction to heat dry herbs and waxes to their boiling point to produce a pure clean vapor designed for safe inhalation. Larger and made to rest on a table or desk, a tabletop vaporizer avoids combustion, essentially eliminating any and all carbon, toxins and other chemicals that are created with smoking. While desktop vaporizers carry a heavier price tag, the consistent quality and amount of clean vapor they produce make them well worth the investment. While they first appeared on the market over 15 years ago, it’s not hard to see why desktop vaporizers are continuing to grow in popularity.

These premium high power machines plug into a power source and are extremely popular among regular home-based herb and concentrate consumers because they're built to last. Every tabletop vaporizer features a heating chamber to hold the dry herb and concentrates, a heating element made of metal or ceramics, and a pathway where the vapor is released. They plug into a wall outlet, so are perfect for those who will mainly be vaporizing at home.


Why are Tabletop Vaporizers a Healthy Choice?

Health-conscious herb and wax enthusiasts prefer tabletop vaporizers because offering a respiratory-friendly method for consuming botanical compounds and their natural health effects. All tabletop vaporizers use convection heating and temperature regulators to avoid combustion, eliminating any and all toxins and other harmful byproducts that are created when smoking. Instead, the vaporizers dehydrate and heat the dry herb and waxes just enough to release their yield of various compounds, producing a clean pure vapor that delivers the same potency biological effects to the bloodstream, but without toxins damaging the lungs. Tabletop vaporizers are preferred by those who use vaporizers primarily for health benefits.


Why Choose a Tabletop Vaporizer?

Nearly everyone would agree that tabletop vaporizers provide the most efficient vaporization experience and produce the greatest volume of vapor. Tabletop vaporizers are the ideal vaporizers for medical patients or regular at-home recreational herb and wax consumers that prefer large, robust vapor clouds and value reliability and performance. The premium, high-quality desktop vaporizers you’ll find in our online shop offer precise and adjustable temperature control, allowing you to get your personal desired effects out of active compounds by vaporizing them at an ideal heat. 

Tabletop vaporizers give users more precise temperature control than handheld or portable vaporizers. Desktop units can feature either digital or analog temperature control. While analog-controlled vaporizers typically cost less, digitally-controlled units offer more precise control and often feature a screen that displays both the desired and actual temperature settings.

Regular health-minded herb and concentrate consumers prefer the consumption methods used by tabletop vaporizers compared to other types. Direct draw desktop vaporizers feature a hose-like draw tube called a whip that’s used to take draws as desired. Forced air vaporizers, the newest and most efficient wave of vaporizers, feature an internal fan that blows the vapor into a detachable balloon, or vaporizer bag. This allows you to collect and savor the vapor at your own pace. For enthusiasts who prefer variety, a combination tabletop vaporizer offers both and allows you to choose whether you’d like to draw using a vaporizer balloon or whip.


What Are Your Choices?

We’ve curated a selective collection of top of the line tabletop vaporizers from the market’s most respected and pioneering vaporizer manufacturers. Ranging from $380 to $600, our carefully crafted selection of tabletop vaporizers will cover any health-conscious herb and concentrate enthusiast interested in investing in a sturdy herbal vaporizer for long-term wholesome use.

In our online shop, you’ll find Storz & Bickel’s iconic and revolutionary Volcano Classic with its patented electromechanical heating element. With a reusable, detachable balloon, the Volcano offers effortless delivery. Looking for an updated version with technology advancements? Try the Volcano Digital with full LCD digital screen.

Crafted by former NASA engineers, the sleek USA-made Herbalizer tabletop vaporizer features a powerful internal lamp heating system that is ready to produce clouds of pure clean vapor in seconds. The high-end unit’s dual-functionality allows you to choose between a valve balloon system or to draw using an integrated medical-grade silicon whip.