Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers are personal heating devices that allow you to experience the balancing benefits of CBD by inhaling clouds of CBD-filled vapor.


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About Portable Vaporizers

Designed to fit in hand, portable vaporizers give health-conscious herb and wax users the chance to take the natural health benefits of their botanical material on the go. The compact and lightweight battery-powered vaporizers safely heat up your favorite herbs and waxes without combustion, providing a clean and potent vapor, free of toxins and other dangerous chemicals.

Portable vaporizers typically use butane and convection or conduction to heat dry herb or wax concentrates up until they reach their boiling point, releasing the their active compounds in a clean pure vapor to be safely inhaled. An internal temperature monitor ensures that the heat level never reaches the point to cause combustion, protecting users from exposure to any and all toxins that are created with smoking.

Because of their smaller size, portable vaporizes typically don’t produce as much vapor as tabletop vaporizers, but the versatility that the handheld devices offer often prove more valuable to those seeking mobile vaporization. Vaporizer technology continues to improve, and these advancements have led to higher quality heating methods, better temperature control, and improved battery life in portable units. Some portable vaporizers provide an extra battery, or an adaptor so use can be continued even if batteries are completely depleted.


Why are Portable Vaporizers a Healthy Choice?

Portable vaporizers continue to surge in popularity as more people become familiar with the health advantages they offer compared to smoking. Health-conscious consumers opt for portable vaporizers because they provide a respiratory-friendly delivery method for consuming botanical herbs and oils and their natural health benefits.

Portable vaporizers use either convection or conduction to safely heat up the herb and concentrate material only until it reaches its boiling point to release its yield of compounds as a clean vapor. An internal temperature regulator prevents combustion, removing any chance of being exposed to the type of toxins and lung-damaging byproducts that are created when smoking.

Portable vaporizers are ideal for those that use botanical herbs and oils for their natural health properties and are encouraged to find the healthiest and safest delivery method.


Why Choose a Portable Vaporizer?

Because they allow for more freedom, portable vaporizers are the preferred type of vaporizer for those always on the go or those that enjoy outdoor activities where a power outlet isn’t available. There’s no confusion as to why they are the most popular form of vaporizer. Portable handheld vaporizers are smaller in size, lightweight, and battery operated, which means they provide much greater versatility than tabletop vaporizers that are hefty and require a power outlet.


What Are Your Choices?

The vaporizer market is currently saturated with portable vaporizers, so we’ve curated a collection of the best that the industry has to offer. Ranging from $99.95 to $339, our meticulously crafted selection of handheld vaporizers offers high-quality options that fit in any budget.

Always top of the bestseller list is the Firefly 2, a sleekly designed unit that offers 6 temperature presets and heats dry herb or wax in a lightning fast 3 seconds.

The Mighty vaporizer, the first handheld offered by pioneers Storz & Bickel, uses a patented true convection heating system for efficient use and features a full LED display. It’s smaller counterpart, the Crafty, offers the same reliable heating system but comes with a Remote Control App to control personal preferences. Storz & Bickel’s Plenty vaporizer features a steel helix Cooling Coil whip to ensure cool, smooth vapor.

Have a more affordable portable vaporizer in mind? Check out the K-Vape vaporizer from KandyPens, which features 3 temperature settings and utilizes true convection heating to heat dry herbs to their optimal level. For vaping waxes, the stylish KandyPens Gravity vaporizer utilizes a quartz crystal and ceramic atomizer technology to produce the purest and cleanest tasting dabs.

With its hand crafted maple wood cover, Magic Flight’s Launch Box wins the award for most unique and recognizable portable vaporizer. But it’s the vaporizer’s 5-second heat up time and reliable alkaline battery heating system that have made it one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market.