CBD Vaporizer Pens

CBD Vaporizer Pens

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  1. KandyPens
    KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer

    Newbies and seasoned vaporizer enthusiasts alike enjoy the high performance and quick heating capabilities of the K-Vape Vaporizer from KandyPens. Designed for dry herb, this durable and simple-to-use lightweight portable vaporizer is an ideal option for anyone looking to get the best bang for their buck. It heats in just 30 seconds and with its three predetermined temperature settings, you have greater control over your vaping experience. The K-Vape is KandyPens’ first portable vaporizer to use true convection heating, ensuring combustion-free respiratory-friendly vapor.
  2. KandyPens
    KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

    With all the vape pens on the market, KandyPens’ Gravity vaporizer pen still stands from the rest. Designed to safely vape concentrated wax, the finely crafted Gravity pen features interchangeable quartz crystal and coilless ceramic atomizers to accommodate your vapor preferences. The versatile unit offers greater temperature control with 4 preset temperature settings, easy toggled using the power button. Involving no combustion, the Gravity vape pen is an ideal vaporizer for those seeking a respiratory friendly and portable option.
  3. KandyPens
    KandyPens Galaxy Battery

    With its universal 510 threading, this KandyPens replacement battery can be easily connected to your Galaxy or Donut portable vape pens and other atomizers. The versatile Galaxy battery offers advanced temperature control with three different heat settings, giving you greater control over its powerful vapor cloud production and a more customizable vaping experience. With KandyPens' lifetime guarantee, the Galaxy battery is the reliable option for those seeking consistent clean, pure vapor.
  4. KandyPens
    KandyPens Slim Battery


    Ideal for discreet and convenient vaping on-the-go, KandyPens Slim Battery offers a sleek design and buttonless functionality. The battery activates as you draw from the tank, quickly heating up your favorite waxy oils to produce a pure botanical vapor. With its universal threading, the extremely versatile Slim Battery is designed to work with any 510-threaded tank or cartridge. An included USB charger is perfect for quickly powering the KandyPens Slim Battery while on the move.

  5. HempVap®
    Replacement USB Charger


    HempVap® Replacement vaporizer USB Charger is durable, portable, and easy to operate. Works with any USB port to give you multiple options of where and when you charge your hemp vape pen.

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  6. HempVap®
    Starter Kit


    The HempVap® CBD Hemp vaporizer kit has everything you need to get started with the best premium hemp vape experience using the finest hemp oil sourced all the way from Austria. Our hemp oil is grown using centuries old traditions and precision technique to ensure unparalleled quality. Use this oil with our stylish and durable hemp vaporizer pen and you are sure to get an experience unlike any other.

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  7. HempVap®
    Unflavored Starter Kit


    The HempVap® Unflavored CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer Starter Kit is the ultimate hemp vape kit you need to get started with the better alternative to standard vape pens and electronic cigarettes. Using a hemp oil vape is an effective way to get fully sustainable hemp oil into your system for rapid results without other harmful ingredients. Our hemp oil is sourced all the way from Europe and grown by a family co-op using centuries old traditions and techniques. Our sleek and stylish vaporizer pens use the most advanced technology and custom design to give you the most optimal experience imaginable.

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About Hemp Vaporizer Pens

Hemp vaporizer pens are used to inhale flavored or unflavored hemp CBD oil, which is scientifically extracted from non-GMO hemp plants. Hemp vaping is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. and is a fantastic way to relax! Many also find it to be a great alternative to smoking cigarettes or other nicotine products.

Why Use a Hemp Vaporizer Pen?

Vaping has become overwhelmingly popular! You almost can't walk down the street these days without seeing someone enjoying their flavorful vaporizer. So many people enjoy it as a relaxing activity, puffing on something delicious, and if you're trying to replace that smoking habit, vaporizers are a great way to do it. Best of all, our CBD hemp oil vaporizers are all about getting healthy, not high. We focus on all-natural ingredients featuring non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil. No nicotine or THC.

How Can You Start Hemp Vaping?

You’re in luck! We have an astounding vaporizer accessories selection available to you. Start out with one of our HempVĀP® Kits - You can choose our starter kit or our unflavored kit which both include two atomizers each or take advantage of an even wider selection by choosing our HempVĀP® VIP Kit which comes with three delicious atomizers!

Curious about trying our other flavors? Indulge in delicious papaya, strawberry, or honeydew and if you’d like to try something even more super-powered try our Bi-Bong® atomizers - Vitality (green apple), Inspiration (grape), and Peace (chocolate mint)!

What is CBD?

Frequently mentioned in mainstream media and across numerous health publications across the internet, CBD (cannabidiol) is making waves for its future in our nutrition and health. You’ll find this naturally occurring plant compound in each of the products on our website as it is found in abundance in our non-GMO hemp oil. Among CBD, you’ll also find CBC, CBG, CBN, as well as a host of omegas, terpenes, and chlorophyll!

Learn more about how we source our hemp CBD.