CBD Vaporizers

CBD Vaporizers

Vaporizers are personal heating devices that allow you to experience the balancing benefits of CBD by inhaling clouds of CBD-filled vapor.

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Vaporizers are personal heating devices that allow you to experience the balancing benefits of CBD by inhaling clouds of CBD-filled vapor.

What are CBD Vaporizers?

CBD vaporizers are personal devices used to vaporize CBD for inhalation. Vaporizers used convection or conduction methods to precisely and evenly heat CBD materials -- including pre-filled CBD vape oil cartridges and CBD concentrates -- to produce a pure and safe cannabinoid-rich vapor that can be inhaled.

CBD vaporizers heat up botanical CBD materials only to their vaporization point, or boiling point. By avoiding combustion, CBD vaporizers eliminate any harmful toxins and byproducts that are created when burning occurs.

Vaporizers used to vape CBD are available in various sizes, from stylus-shaped vape pens that are ideal for vaping on-the-go, to larger tabletop units designed to be used at home.

What are the Benefits of CBD Vaporizers?

CBD vaporizers quickly deliver high levels of CBD to your body’s systems to encourage balance and wellness.

CBD, an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived in cannabis plants like hemp, supports the body’s endocannabinoid system. The major regulatory network is responsible for keeping many of the body’s crucial functions in balance and running optimally. Immune system response, metabolism and energy balance, sleep habits, and mood are a small number of the important processes the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating.

When you use CBD vaporizers, the CBD compounds are quickly absorbed through the lungs and delivered to your bloodstream. There, they interact with cannabinoid receptors to stimulate the endocannabinoid system and encourage its efforts in keeping the body in homeostasis.

How to Use CBD Vaporizers

While CBD vaporizers can vary in design, in general, they feature an electronic or battery powered heating unit that heats up your CBD material to produce a vapor.

Typically, using CBD vaporizers involve the following steps:

  1. Insert your CBD material into the device: This process can vary, depending on the style of CBD vaporizer you choose. With vape pens, you simply need to screw a filled CBD vape oil cartridge onto the device’s battery. Other handheld and tabletop devices may require that you place the CBD material into a chamber.

  2. Turn on the vaporizer, if applicable: Some devices have a power button, while others turn on automatically when you draw, or pull, your first inhale.

  3. Select your preferred temperature, if applicable: Some CBD vaporizers allow you to select a precise temperature, which can influence the flavor and size of the vapor production.

  4. Take a draw of CBD-filled vapor: Depending on the design of your vaporizer, the compound-rich vapor will be accessible from a direct-draw mouthpiece, a drawtube, a hose-like draw tube called a whip, or a detachable balloon bag.

  5. Pull the vapor into your lungs: Hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds to allow the compounds to be absorbed.

  6. Exhale the vapor: After inhaling and exhaling from the CBD vaporizer, you can decide whether to take another draw.

Styles and Designs of CBD Vaporizers

CBD vaporizers are available in various sizes and designs, with each providing their own advantages. Overall, there are three different types of CBD vaporizers, including:

  • Tabletop

  • Handheld

  • Portable

Tabletop CBD vaporizers are larger desktop vaporizers that plug into a power source. These premium devices typically require a greater initial investment. They generally use convection heating and offer more precise temperature control and efficiency. Often times, they feature a hose-law draw tube called a whip or a detachable balloon bag that collects the vapor.

Handheld CBD vaporizers are smaller, so they fit in your palm. Generally, handheld vaporizers are battery powered so you can take them on-the-go. Most feature chambers that hold your CBD materials and come with draw tubes from which you inhale the CBD vapor.

Portable CBD vaporizers are slim as a writing utensil and extremely portable. Often referred to as vape pens, these portable devices are battery powered and popular for their mobility and ease of use. Most are designed to work with cartridges prefilled with CBD botanical juices.

Vape pens can be used with 510-threaded CBD vape oil and e-juice cartridges, including our Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Cartridge. This slim, disposable CBD cartridge is filled with vape oil with top quality CBD distillate. Each 1 ml cartridge contains 250 mg of CBD and is naturally flavored with botanical terpenes, for a light, slightly sweet citrus and pine taste.

Why Choose CBD Vaporizers?

CBD vaporizers offer an array of advantages for those looking to experience the balancing benefits of CBD supplements, including:

  • Lung-friendly: Because vaporizers heat CBD materials only to their vaporization points – a temperature cooler than the point of combustion – they produce a pure clean vapor, rather than a harmful smoke. CBD vaporizers offer an inhalation method that is gentle on the throat and lungs.

  • Quick absorption: Inhalation is an ideal method for experiencing quickest effects. When you inhale CBD-filled vapor, the active compounds are quickly absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs and almost immediately reach your bloodstream where they can interact with receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

  • Discreet: CBD vapor is almost odorless and dissipates quickly. This eliminates any concern that the smell of vapor will linger in the air or stick to your clothes or other fabrics. It also helps ensure you can enjoy your daily CBD without disturbing family members, neighbors, and others around you.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis-derived cannabinoid that naturally promotes health and wellness by supporting one of the body’s most major regulatory networks. All-natural and non-intoxicating, hemp-derived CBD is used as a dietary supplement.

Once absorbed by the body, CBD augments the body’s own endocannabinoids and interacts with cannabinoid receptors to stimulate the endocannabinoid system. This major signaling network keeps a wide array of the body’s functions -- such as mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, and immune response -- balanced and running optimally. CBD’s interactions with cannabinoid receptors supports the endocannabinoid system as it promotes homeostasis.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s CBD oil products come from a unique variety of non-GMO, high-CBD hemp. Yielding more CBD than most hemp plants, our hemp is sustainably grown in European microclimates by families of farmers. These families use centuries-old cultivation techniques to grow our hemp without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. A specialized solvent-free extraction process is then used to safely yield a high-CBD hemp oil. It then undergoes our Triple Lab Testing™ standard to ensure its safety and quality.

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