Hemp Facial Cream

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CBD Hemp Facial Cream

The cannabidiol (CBD) that can be found throughout our products is a very versatile phytocannabinoid. As a supplement it can be taken in a variety of forms - capsules, tinctures, or topicals such as one of our personal favorites, CBD face cream! What you put on your face is important and caring about the ingredients in your products is the first step towards healthier, more youthful skin!

Why Hemp Facial Creams?

When we think about our health, we almost always start with looking at what goes into our bodies, but what about what we slather onto our bodies? Our skin, especially on our face, comes in contact with sun, toxins, and bad air throughout the day. Moisturizing and keeping our skin replenished with the nutrients it needs to fight these toxins is the key to healthy skin and CBD face creams are great for this in particular!

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Skin?

CBD oil face creams are great for your skin. In addition to its general balancing properties, CBD provides natural benefits that enhance the overall health of your skin and address troubled or oily skin problems. Made with hemp oil, CBD face creams contain a list of nutrients with antioxidant properties that may help with wrinkles and slow the signs of aging.

Hemp facial creams contain a number of vitamins and fatty acids including vitamin E which protects and improves skin quality. These hemp moisturizers are also soothing, fighting inflammation and itchiness.

What Are Your Choices?

Enhance your morning and nightly facial routine with some of our amazing CBD facial products! If you’re looking for a high-end collection packed with numerous other herbs, you should try the Cannabis Beauty Defined® cleanser, toner and moisturizer! We even have a luxurious daily serum for day and night application.

What is so amazing about CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound from the cannabis (hemp) plant that has gained significant attention for its tremendous health potential. If you’d like to learn more about this, there are troves of research widely available on the internet.

CBD is a prominent cannabinoid in our non-GMO hemp oil, which is also abundant in other nutrients like cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabidivarin (CBCV).

The CBD hemp oil in our CBD creams, facial creams and hemp hair products comes from unique hemp cultivars, which yield plants with higher than average concentrations of CBD. Our non-GMO hemp is sustainably grown on family farms in Austria, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. From there, they are formulated in FDA-regulated CGMP facilities and tested by ISO-certified labs to bring you the best, most safe hemp skin care products on the market!