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  1. Live, Love and Play T-shirt


    With its simple yet powerful design, Hempy’s Live, Love and Play T-shirt is a nod to recognizing this planet is home to all people. Made of eco-friendly 60% viscose hemp and 40% organic cotton, the Live, Love and Play tee offers an incredible level of both durability and softness. Hempy’s Live, Love and Play T-shirt is made in the USA by skilled craftspeople with decades of experience, ensuring high-quality hemming for a reliably durable fit that lasts over time.

  2. Road Tripper Trucker Mesh Hat

    Featuring a timeless design, Hempy’s Road Tripper Trucker Mesh Hat is constructed with 100% hemp for the front canvas panel and brim, and classic trucker mesh for the hat’s sides and back. An adjustable snap-back closure ensures an optimal fit for all sizes. Available in four colors, the Road Tripper Trucker Mesh Hat is made in the USA by specialized craftspeople for a durable and eco-friendly take on the classic trucker hat.
  3. Baseball Cap

    Made with a hemp and organic cotton blend, Hempy’s eco-friendly Baseball Cap offers a long-term durability that will outlast your other hats. Available in four different colors, the Baseball Cap features a higher crown and flat brim for a modern looking take on the classic ball cap. An adjustable fabric strap and brass buckle ensures a perfect fit. Made in the USA by specialized craftspeople, Hempy’s Baseball Caps are tough and will only get more comfortable with age.
  4. Totem Series Owl T-shirt

    Part of Hempy’s Animal Totem Series, the Totem Series Owl T-shirt features an intricately designed woodblock style owl with the words “Wisdom – Use It”. This popular tee is made in the USA with a blend of 60% viscose hemp and 40% organic cotton for a super soft and comfortable fit that will outlast all your other t-shirts. The Totem Series Owl T-shirt features a set on rib collar, double needle sleeve hem, and bottom hem for long-term durability.
  5. Premium Hemp Denim Jeans

    Made from hemp and organic cotton, Hempy's Premium Hemp Denim Jeans provide an unmatched level of durability and softness you'll appreciate for years. These unisex hemp jeans feature a relaxed slim fit that aligns with most personal styles. Made in the USA by experienced craftspeople with decades of experience working with hemp-blended fabrics, Hempy’s Premium Hemp Denim Jeans tout triple stitched yolk, seat and side seams for long-term durability. These popular hemp jeans will soften over time as they’re worn and washed.
  6. Slim Line Wallet

    Constructed with sturdy 100% hemp shell, Hempy’s Slim Line Wallet is the ideal choice for those looking for complete functionality yet appreciate a sleek design. This slim yet full-sized bi-fold wallet contains 6 credit card slots, 2 business card slots, and a cash pocket for carrying any and everything you may need. One of Hempy’s best sellers, the Slim Line Wallet perfectly balances practicality and slimness in an eco-friendly hemp canvas design built for years of use.
  7. The Around Towner Bag

    The Revelry Around Towner is a stylish, medium-sized duffle that can handle any adventure, no matter how extreme. The tough, rubber-backed nylon construction allows for a large storage space to fit days worth of travel supplies and the inner stash pocket allows for easy access to essential items. The rugged, durable design ensures water resistance and high quality carbon filter technology keeps each bag odor free. This conveniently-sized duffle is the ideal travel companion.
  8. Hawaiian T-Shirt


    Perfect for those relaxing weekend days, Hempy’s Hawaiian T-Shirt puts a new cannabis-friendly twist on a classic surf design. This super soft and long-lasting tee is made in the USA with 60% viscose hemp and 40% organic cotton. High quality construction from experienced craftspeople ensure quality hemming so your tee retains its shape over the years. With its fashion fit style and unmatched softness, the Hawaiian T-Shirt from Hempy’s will quickly become your favorite.

  9. 100% European Hemp Beanie

    Lightweight and soft, Hempy’s 100% European Hemp Beanie is perfect for both winter and summer time wear. This highly sought-after beanie was originally only available in Europe, but after popular demand brought to the U.S. It’s made from 100% European hemp yarn for durability and comfort you can count on. Wear it unfolded as a slouch beanie, or keep it folded for a classic workmen look.
  10. Straw Weave Fedora

    Perfect for relaxing in the sun or attending an outdoor party, Hempy’s natural Straw Weave Fedora fits any casual occasion, yet it is stylish enough to be paired with a dressier outfit. Environmentally conscious and sustainably grown, each Straw Weave Fedora is made from 100% hemp. Because of hemp’s durability, Hempy’s fedoras will keep their shape while increasing in comfort over time. This comfort is further enhanced by Hempy’s signature ultra-soft inner band.
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The Benefits of Hemp Clothing and Apparel

Hemp clothing is an excellent choice if you’re looking for high-quality clothing that will last a long time. Hemp is one of the strongest plant fibers and makes strong and durable fabric. Because hemp is a more sturdy fabric than other natural synthetic options, hemp clothing and hemp accessories (including those made with hemp/cotton blend) don’t wear out as quickly as 100% cotton fabric. In fact, tough hemp fabrics continue to soften as the product ages.

Hemp fabric is UV, mold, and bacteria resistant so it stays fresh longer than other fabrics even with hard wear. Hemp clothing is also lightweight and breathable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Hemp clothing is great for rugged outdoor wear as well as stylish everyday wear that will keep you going for years to come. When you are finally done with your hemp clothing, it is biodegradable, further reducing its environmental impact.

Saving the Planet One Hemp Shirt at a Time

If you’re worried about the state of the Earth hemp clothing is a great alternative to materials like cotton. Hemp products are an environmentally sustainable choice in clothing and accessories. Unlike cotton, hemp can be grown free of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizer. This means that the fabric used in hemp clothes isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals. In contrast, cotton cultivation uses a large percentage of the world’s pesticides. These chemicals then leach into soil and water systems, causing lasting damage to local ecosystems.

Hemp is a sustainable crop that actually improves the land it’s grown on. Rather than depleting the nutrients in the soil, hemp instead replenishes it. Hemp also absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide and helps purify groundwater. The deep roots of hemp plants prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Hemp grows quickly with little water, making it a more productive crop than cotton and other fiber plants. Since hemp also uses less water than cotton, hemp clothing helps to conserve the world’s supply of freshwater.

Hemp Clothing and Apparel by Hempy’s

Hempy’s has more than two decades of experience making long-lasting, durable, and sustainably-created hemp apparel, clothing and accessories such as hemp shirts, hemp trousers, and more. With a passion for high quality hemp products, Hempy’s has gained a worldwide reputation for its eco-friendly materials and socially conscious business practices. All hemp clothing products by Hempy’s use 100% hemp or hemp and organic cotton blends, protecting the health of the planet.

When it comes to hemp clothing companies, Hempy’s stands out amongst the best. They are locally owned in San Diego and all products are made in the USA by individual skilled craftsmen, giving the brand total control over product quality and the conditions in which each Hempy’s item is created.

The Hempy’s brand isn’t just limited to hemp shirts and hemp trousers; they supply a variety of other hemp wear items including t-shirts, jeans, vests, shorts, belts, hats, wallets, and more, all made with natural hemp fibers. If you are looking for the best hemp clothing, look no further, Hempy’s is one of the world’s leading hemp clothing companies!