Treat yourself with Cibaderm™’s indulgent personal body care line. Infused with our exclusive Hemp CBD Oil Complex™, these bath and body products pamper your skin and hair with natural essential oils and pure hemp oil. Designed for daily use, Cibaderm™ products can replace your store bought bath products with the added benefits of CBD hemp oil.

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  1. Cibaderm®
    Cibaderm® Bath Bundle


    If you want your body to absorb the maximum amount of our anti-aging, antioxidant hemp oil then treat yourself with the Cibaderm® Cannabidiol Beauty Pack. It’s the ultimate in hemp healing products that uses steam-distilled essential oils and a unique extraction of the industrial hemp plant. By saturating your hair, skin, and body with rich, beautifying CBD your friends will beg you for the secret to your vibrant appearance.

  2. Cibaderm®
    CBD Hemp Oil Body Lotion & Moisturizer


    Whether you’re avoiding dry winter skin or getting your body ready for the beach, this lotion is about to become your year-round pick for silky soft skin. With herbal extracts like goji berry, lavender, jojoba, and angelica your skin will drink in the moisture while reaping all of the benefits that come in this expertly formulated lotion!

  3. Cibaderm®
    CBD Hemp Oil Natural Body Wash


    Turn your quick morning shower into an invigorating and energizing experience with Cibaderm®’s innovative Cannabidiol Body Wash. Every morning you should be lathering your skin with our body wash which contains pure CBD hemp oil. Using this hemp body wash will let your body absorb its powerful antioxidant ingredients. Whether you’re just getting out of bed or winding down after a long day, this body wash will leave your skin feeling radiant and smooth.

  4. Cibaderm®
    CBD Hemp Oil Natural Conditioner


    Cancel your hair conditioning treatments at the salon; you’re about to save yourself a trip by using the Cibaderm® CBD Conditioner. A natural alternative to harsh chemicals, this cannabidiol conditioner will give you luscious locks with weightless moisture and shine. Our unique hemp powered herbal extract will protect your hair from styling damage, environmental exposure, as well as sunlight.

  5. Cibaderm®
    CBD Hemp Oil Hydrate Hand Cream & Lotion


    Your hands touch everything and they pick up a lot of wear and tear along the way. But now you can give your hands the deep, penetrating moisture they need to let your touch be as smooth as possible with Cibaderm®’s moisturizing Hemp Hand Cream. With a delicate blend of steam-distilled essential oils and powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, our CBD Hand Cream will revive the youthfulness of your skin and get you back to feeling healthy and well-moisturized.

  6. Cibaderm®
    CBD Hemp Oil Natural Shampoo


    You might need to check your calendar, because if you use the Cibaderm® Hemp Clean Shampoo you’ve got several good hair days coming up. Without a doubt, this is the most luxuriously natural way to keep your hair clean and your scalp healthy. Cibaderm® has crafted an innovative Hemp CBD infused botanical hair line that gently cleanses while bringing out the natural luminescence of your hair.

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About Cibaderm®

Cibaderm® is a unique, herbal-infused bath and body brand. A complete line of skin and hair care products, Cibaderm® was designed to add the benefits of CBD to your daily bath routine. Offering deep moisturizing and a residue-free clean, Cibaderm® is a naturally luxurious way to pamper yourself each and every day.

Made with high quality hemp, the goal of Cibaderm® has been to bring the topical benefits of CBD to the world through the creation of a complete CBD hemp oil-infused bath and body brand.

The Cibaderm® line of all-natural CBD-based beauty and bath products features our proprietary Hemp CBD™ Complex to integrate the benefits of hemp into your bath routine. Cibaderm® products are formulated without dyes or scents and are sulfate and paraben-free. Each product in the Cibaderm® bath line contains steam distilled botanical ingredients, like ginseng, white peony, goji berry, white mulberry leaf, licorice root, and almond oil, specifically chosen to clean, condition, and moisturize your skin and hair. To these herbal extracts, Cibaderm® adds sustainable CBD hemp oil for healthy, beautiful looking skin and hair.

Start with our hemp body wash, complete with steam-distilled essential oils and powerful, naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids like CBD. Next, treat your hair to our hemp shampoo and engulf your locks in a product that works for all hair types and brings out the richness and natural beauty of your hair. Finish off with our hemp conditioner and feel the moisture sinking into your hair for soft, silky hair that lasts.

Follow up your now even more refreshing shower with our Cibaderm® hemp body lotion and throw our hemp hand lotion in your bag for the day to continue locking in those amazing ingredients you’ve just infused into your skin!