Herringbone Fedora

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The formal style of Hempy’s black Herringbone Fedora can be used to add a classic touch to a formal outfit or worn casually to bring a sense of style to your everyday wardrobe. Hempy’s signature ultra-soft inner band adds to the hats comfortable fit, and because it is made from 100% hemp, this durable fedora will become softer with each use.

Hempy’s Herringbone Fedora is a fashion staple with a structured top panel and upturned back brim. The Herringbone Fedora measures 4- 4 ½ inches from base to crown. The fedora’s brim measures 1 ½ inches. Crafted with 100% hemp materials, this eco-friendly fedora has a minimal impact on the environment. Each fedora is made in the USA by a skilled craftsperson for quality you can trust.

Standard Hat Size Correlation:

  • Hempy’s Medium 7” – 71/8”

  • Hempy’s Large 7 1/4” – 7 3/8”

  • Hempy’s Extra-Large 7 1/2” – 7 5/8”


Circumference Correlation:

  • Hempy’s Medium 22” – 22 1/2”

  • Hempy’s Large 22 1/2” – 23”

  • Hempy’s Extra-Large 23” – 23 1/2”

Hemp-made products like Hempy’s Herringbone Fedora appeal to consumers who respect the planet and value long-term sustainability. Versatile and renewable with more than 25,000 product applications, hemp can replace more environmentally harmful raw materials in thousands of commercial products. This truly remarkable plant is a revolutionary source of clothing, paper goods, food, green building materials, groundbreaking supplements, and so much more. Fabric made from hemp is soft yet naturally durable, ensuring it lasts for a long time. One of the oldest domesticated crops on the planet, hemp has the capability to save the American farm and create a more sustainable world.

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